SWACHH is an established professional total facilities maintenance service provider, offering comprehensive services for facilities/administration management. These services capture the optimal utilization of resources, enhance productivity as well as assets, develop and maintain the complete Facilities Management System and Operations. We have a deep understanding of the Facilities Management as it is critical to maintaining and enhancing the asset value of the properties. We maintain international standard facilities; this ensures that the clients are free to concentrate on their core business without being involved in routine property management.

What makes SWACHH uniquely potential?


SWATCHH is well versed with the international standards and contemporary needs of GLOBAL India. It strives to bridge the gap between the two.

The concept of Facility Management is gaining momentum everywhere in the world and India is quickly catching up with the trends. The concept aims towards efficient management of buildings, combining various resources both of the quality and cost effective FM services a fully integrated solution to its clients. Our Facility Manager acts as a single point of contact for any issue related to our services. This ensures a smooth coordination and relieves our clients from the vagaries of running the facilities.


SWACHH povides a comprehensive solution to all the post occupancy property related issues under the our “CARE” concept.

SWATCHH believes in reinventing the new practices of ethical working to get cost effective prompt results. Founded by Arshad Siddiqui, according to him, “SWACHH is a comprehensive service provider giving solid and value added answers to all your questions. Its excellence is combined with talent and commitment, reflecting transparently as the smiling face of its prized clients”. It’s his habit of conceiving all the more new creative ideas that benefits not only the company strategies and active employees but gives the top edge of satisfaction to its treasured clients


  • One-stop property support services
  • Providing a wide range of services including Engineering Maintenance, janitorial, security personnel, electronic security system, gardening, civil engineering, pest control, hygiene and parking services.
  • Staff is intensively trained by qualified trainers and thus conforms to international standards.
  • Extensive range of services allows SWACHH to provide high quality multiple services under a Facility Management concept at highly competitive rates.
  • Is strongly committed to its customer programmes and is dedicated to regularly appraise every services provided customers, reflecting a unique ability to provide professional high quality.
  • Providing services in NCR.


  • Single contracts: Single monthly invoice.
  • Quality of services: High level of management, improved reporting and follow¬†up through use of software and management tools.
  • Savings: Dynamic Management, leading to increase in efficiency and cost reduction.¬†Internal resources allocation to coordinate services can be reassigned to more productive tasks.
  • Approach: Lower Employee attrition levels.